National Bureau of Classification
G PG 12+ 15+ 18+ 18+R PU



Suitable for ages 18+R (Restricted) and above

  • Story or message; would include some instances that might evoke fear or concern
  • Acts of violence; would include violence that is deemed appropriate for people over 18 years of age. These scenes might evoke fear.
  • Sexual acts; would include sexual scenes that are appropriate for people over 18 years of age, but would not include any graphic scenes of sexual activity
  • Harshness of language; would contain harsh language and any sexual activity might be referred to with sexual connotations
  • Drug abuse; would include scenes depicting drug abuse, but would not include any material that encourages drug abuse or portrays it in a positive light
  • Nudity; would include scenes where the naked person is not in full view, for instance veiled by a shower curtain. No scenes of nudity would be included.
  • Religion; information regarding Islam would be included to the extent that is permissible in the Maldives
  • Warning; some materials classified to this age group may be offensive to some section of the adult community.