National Bureau of Classification
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The first Film Censor Board was formed by the Government of Maldives on 21st May 1956. This Board was formed with the hope of benefiting when presenting and promoting Cinema and Theatrical performances to the Maldivian Youth.

The first Film Censor Board had three members. They were:

Mohamed Jameel Didi Ibrahim Shihab Ahmed Kaamil Didi
The late Mohamed Jameel Didi The late Ibrahim Shihab

The late Ahmed Kaamil Didi

On 15th May 1983 the Film Censor Board went under the mandate of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Housing. It had five members then. The mission of this board was to check films and theatrical dramas which had issues and conflicts associated to:

  1. Islam
  2. Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Maldives
  3. Maldivian Culture


On 01st April 1998 the Film Censor Board became a subsidiary of the Ministry of Information, Arts and Culture and on 21st November 2000 censoring and registering of lyrics and music was made an undertaking of the Board.

On 29th December 2005 the President inaugurated the National Bureau of Classification, and the work of the Film Censor Board was transferred to the Bureau.

The Executives who managed this office since 15th May 1983 are:

Mohamed Jameel Didi Ahmedfulhu (Haivakaru) Ali Shareef Mohamed Hilmy
Dhon Manik (Buchaa)
1983 - 1998
Ahmedfulhu (Haivakaru)
1998 - 2005

Ali Shareef
2005 - 2007

Mohamed Hilmy
2007 - 2008