National Bureau of Classification
G PG 12+ 15+ 18+ 18+R PU

Press Release Regarding 'Innocence of Muslims'

2012-09-26 13:33:10



Ref Number: (PR)178-D/PRIV/2012/02


National Bureau of Classification highly condemns the blasphemous video -“The Innocence of Muslims” produced by Mr. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula as it is highly offensive to Islam and insulting to our Holy Prophet Mohamed (SAW).

According to the Act 4/75 clause number 1, this video is categorized under the content and materials which are banned into Maldives. Furthermore, anything containing profane or anti-Islamic content or material is prohibited from being imported into Maldives, for Sale or personal use, additionally Classification Regulation of this Bureau restricts producing, owning, selling, sharing or distribution of any such material that are prohibited within Maldives.

In all ages, the enemies of Islam have used all means available to mock and slander our beloved Prophet Mohamed (SAW). But none of these efforts will undermine the widely respected Prophet Mohamed (SAW), who is accepted as a worldwide personification of all that is virtuous, and as the model of a perfect human being.

This is a time of patience for all Muslims, and we urge all to observe restraint and discipline and to fortification for our beloved Prophet Mohamed (SAW).


17th September 2012